App Developers for Hire

Let's cut to the chase, we specialise in small to medium sized projects.

Over the last decade we have developed a wealth of experience working with start-ups or multi-national companies, on apps big and small. From which, we've learned focusing on projects within this budget, projects we can deliver in weeks - to a couple of months, is where we like to be.

Simply put, in this niche we meet more interesting and enjoyable challenges - where we feel we can make the most difference.

A lot of projects we see can be approached differently - we can figure out how to get you where you need to be on a budget, cut through the noise and focus on delivering value.

Here, we really know how to think outside the box.

We cost, manage and deliver quality software and innovative solutions. Agile, test driven development, continuous delivery, clean code and architecture - maintainable, reliable software made by professionals. Experts in engineering & user experience - we know what looks good, what feels good, what works.

We know where to find compromise for cost savings or where to double down to make something special.

Go on, challenge us..

Outsource to us

We can provide support for a strained or missing eningeering arm for existing projects or teams.

A lot of companies we work with have existing teams or providers in place, they need to temporarily expand or are just missing the experise of senior developers.

Luckily, you can hire us to integrate and level up your project or your team.. we're fun to work with and have a lot of experience doing this.

Code Reviews & Training

You may already have an app developed and in the wild, perhaps a work in progress or prototype. Perhaps looking for the peace of mind from a second opinion, on an in-house or out-sourced project, or help upskilling in a particular area.

We are available for code reviews and training - on-site with you or remotely.


Micro-Workshops available online for £100 + VAT per hour
(..and if we can't help you, we'll refund you.)

Longer Workshops available at £500 + VAT per day

As well as our core business as app developers - we find a lot of people just need to bend the ear of an expert, just for an hour or so, maybe just once or on a regular basis. So we decided to make it simple and offer it as a service.

So if you want to ask if an idea is possible, feasible or what it might cost. Perhaps you're stuck on a problem, need a second opinion, new ideas or just general advice. Technical deep dives, code reviews, help with costing or research - just ask.

It's completely impartial - we enjoy talking tech, solving problems and helping people out, whatever your journey.

How does it work? Get in touch with a little information on your topic, a slot will be booked at a time that suits you, we'll setup a no fuss, one click, video call.