About Us

Mayker is a mobile app development company based in Manchester, UK. A small enterprise founded and operated by Robin Hayward since 2010.

Offering a vast amount of experience in web development to support our mobile app development expertise, we know how to craft and deliver quality software.

We love to work with start-ups, taking the inception of an idea or prototype to the App Stores and beyond. We have built and worked on numerous digital products over the years, we know where the magic is and where the dragons are hiding.

We are high-agency problem solvers, having developed or fixed products for a range of clients. Whether that be for small start-up businesses, SMEs, large corporations or entrepreneurs with a fledging idea and impossible deadlines.

We love a challenge, embrace change and confident we will bring superior ideas to the table.

How we work

We put small teams of experts together to work on your project and achieve your goals. Depending on your project, you might need a mixture of iOS Developers, Android Developers, Web Developers, Designers and other disciplines.

No two projects are the same and we often find we enter projects at different stages, at inception or after the project has already begun, requiring some support or new ideas in specific areas.

We don't have fixed solutions or ties to any particular technology; your project, your needs and your goals are delivered on in whatever technology we decide, together, is best.

Manchester and UK based developers only - we are not a company that ships work offshore.


  • Robin Hayward

    Robin Hayward

    Director, Lead Software Engineer

    Robin founded Mayker to specialise in making mobile apps after a decades long career in web development, prior to the mobile app era.

    Creating things on the internet non-stop since the age of 14, after university and a decade spent in web development, he has spent the last decade focussing on mobile app development, independently, with Mayker.